Patient Care

Providing Physical Therapy Treatment During a Pandemic

At USC Physical Therapy, we realize that treatment often cannot wait. We’ve re-imagined our physical spaces to allow our doctors of physical therapy to provide compassionate care in a safe and healthy environment. From regular deep cleaning to physically distanced exercise equipment, we’ve made a number of changes to give our patients peace of mind that physical therapy treatment can still occur during a global pandemic. Learn more about our COVID-19 protocols by watching the video above.

Locations and Contact

To contact our clinics or to reach our patient care sites directly, please click here.

Our Services

USC Physical Therapy is the clinical service provided at multiple sites by faculty members from the USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy. These clinical faculty are leaders within the physical therapy profession and instrumental in advancing patient care, teaching students, mentoring residents and participating in clinical research and scholarly activities.

Our physical therapy services are available at Keck Hospital of USC, USC Norris Hospital and our USC Physical Therapy practices, with locations on the Health Sciences Campus and University Park Campus.

Cancer Care | Concussion | Dizziness and Balance Rehabilitation | Facial Nerve Disorders | Headache and TMJ Management | Heart and Lung Care | Inpatient Services | Neurologic Rehabilitation | Orthopedic Rehabilitation | Pain Management | Pelvic Health | Performing Arts Rehabilitation | Sports Rehabilitation | Wound Management

Cancer Care

Cancer treatment can cause impairments that impact quality of life and physical functions. Physical therapy during or after cancer treatment can help reduce your pain and side effects and speed your recovery. (learn more about Cancer Care)
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Concussions and post-concussion syndrome (PCS) can be debilitating disorders, and symptoms can significantly impact a person’s function. Our physical therapists work toward creating a comprehensive treatment program that addresses the cause of symptoms, reduces symptoms and educates patients on how to manage these symptoms to return to their desired activities. (learn more about Concussions)
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Dizziness and Balance Rehabilitation

If you are experiencing dizziness, vertigo and balance problems, we specialize in thoroughly evaluating your condition and determining the best treatment options. (learn more about Dizziness and Balance Rehabilitation)
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Facial Nerve Disorders

Facial nerve disorders require a specialist approach to help you manage pain and dysfunction. Our physical therapists work toward creating a comprehensive treatment program that helps manage your symptoms, in partnership with the multidisciplinary USC Facial Nerve Center. (learn more about Facial Nerve Disorders)
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Headache and TMJ Management

If you suffer from chronic headaches, our physical therapists can assist you with pain relief as well as create a comprehensive treatment program to address the causes of your pain and educate you about managing headaches and their triggers. We work closely with the USC Headache and Neuralgia Center at Keck Hospital of USC. (learn more about Headache Management)
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Heart and Lung Care

At Keck Hospital of USC, we offer advanced physical therapy management of patients with heart-related and lung-related problems. Our physical therapists design a customized treatment plan for each patient that includes a physical examination and thorough medical history review and considers the patient’s goals for recovery. (learn more about Heart and Lung Care)
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Inpatient Services

At Keck Medical Center of USC, we offer a team of physical therapists who provide evidence-based care focused on treating patients with a variety of diagnoses ranging from acute post-operative orthopedic to general medical-surgical. (learn more about Inpatient Services)
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Neurologic Rehabilitation

We treat neurologic disorders by working closely with you on developing an individualized physical therapy program to improve your quality of life. Treatment is focused on recovery, exploring strategies to optimize movement and preventing future problems that may impact overall health and wellness. (learn more about Neurologic Rehabilitation)
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Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Our team can assist with a range of orthopedic injuries and disorders, helping you recover from pain, weakness, stiffness and instability. We customize our physical therapy techniques for your needs, from hands-on manual therapy and movement retraining to pain management and therapeutic and functional exercise training. (learn more about Orthopedic Rehabilitation)
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Pain Management

USC physical therapists specialize in identifying the sources of acute and chronic pain and compassionately and comprehensively treating it using the newest, evidence-based methods. (learn more about Pain Management)
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Pelvic Health

Physical therapy for pelvic health focuses on physical therapy management of musculoskeletal dysfunctions pertaining to conditions affecting the reproductive, urogenital, colorectal and neuro-musculoskeletal systems. (learn more about Pelvic Health)
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Performing Arts Rehabilitation

If you are an actor, dancer, musician, singer or other performer — from student to professional level — suffering from injuries and disorders that impact your ability to perform, we can design a rehabilitation program to help you get back to your art form at full function. (learn more about Performing Arts Rehabilitation)
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Sports Rehabilitation

We specialize in sports rehabilitation and treatment of sports related injuries, combining state-of-the-art technologies and evidence-based treatment approaches, from high-level functional training, to hands-on manual therapy, to sport-specific training. (learn more about Sports Rehabilitation)
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Wound Management

The Wound Management team at Keck Hospital of USC is dedicated to improving the healing process for patients with wounds of any type that are not healing due to health-related issues or other factors. (learn more about Wound Management)
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