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At Keck Medical Center of USC, we offer a team of physical therapists who provide evidence-based care focused on treating patients with a variety of diagnoses ranging from acute post-operative orthopedic to general medical-surgical. Additionally, we provide evidence-based care for patients undergoing transplants of the liver, kidney, pancreas, heart or lung. We provide early mobilization in the intensive care unit for patients with multisystem involvement, including patients dependent on ventilators, mechanical circulatory support and continuous renal replacement therapy.

We design an individualized treatment plan for each patient that synthesizes findings from a physical examination, combined with a thorough medical history review, interprofessional communication and patient goals. Our goal is to optimize function and mitigate impairments in preparation for the next level of care, whether that is discharge home with family or to an acute rehab facility.


  • Balance assessment and training
  • Bed mobility and transfer training
  • Fall risk assessment and training to reduce risk
  • Gait analysis and training
  • Instruction in breathing techniques and airway clearance
  • Movement analysis
  • Patient and caregiver education for home exercise program and self-management techniques
  • Patient and caregiver education regarding post-operative precautions
  • Postural analysis and training
  • Recommendation and training with assistive devices and adaptive equipment
  • Therapeutic exercise