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Charles Y. Liu, PhD, MD




1333 San Pablo Street, MH B51,
Los Angeles, CA 90033


Charles Y. Liu is a professor of neurological surgery, with joint appointments in neurology, urology, biomedical engineering, and biokinesiology and physical therapy. He directs the USC Neurorestoration Center which aims to develop transformative approaches to restore function to the damaged nervous system. He is engaged in a broad spectrum of efforts that brings together the fields of engineering and medicine to develop systems-level solutions to challenges that lead to human suffering due to loss of nervous system function over the life-span. He is a recognized expert in complex intracranial surgery, epilepsy surgery, neurotrauma, and neurorehabilitation. He has also made key contributions in a large number of internationally visible “first-in-human” applications of transformative technologies to restore neurological function.

Dr. Liu has held numerous leadership positions at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, where he continues to serve as Chair of Neurosurgery. He has had a long-standing association with Caltech, where he is appointed as visiting associate in Biology and Bioengineering. He has worked in close partnership with multiple private and public sector health systems to craft creative solutions to issues related to access to specialty services in underserved communities. For example, he has provided principal leadership in the establishment of the USC Epilepsy Care Consortium, a unique patient-centered partnership for epilepsy care that connects over 20% of the National Association of Epilepsy Centers registered programs in California, including the first and only adult epilepsy center in Central California.

Dr. Liu has made a large number of contributions to the published literature and delivered numerous key-note lectures nationally and internationally. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience and directs a large number of collaborative research projects funded by federal and nonfederal agencies, including NIH, NSF, DARPA and PAC-12 Conference. He is also the Head Team Neurosurgeon for the USC Department of Athletics and is the neurosurgical consultant to the Rose Bowl Game.

  • Residency in Neurological Surgery, University of Southern California Affiliated Hospitals, 2003
  • Doctor of Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine, 1996
  • PhD, Chemical Engineering (Bioengineering), Rice University, 1993
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1987
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