Rebecca Lewthwaite, PhD

rebecca lewthwaite portrait

Faculty Profile

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy


(562) 401-6145

Mailing Address

1540 Alcazar St., CHP 155, Los Angeles, CA 90089-9006

Professional Interests

Dr. Rebecca Lewthwaite specializes in evidence-based practice, psychological/behavioral science in physical therapy, motivation and learning, and self-efficacy.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Kinesiology, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Master of Science, Kinesiology, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology, University of California, Los Angeles

Selected Publications

  • Winstein CJ, Rose DK, Tan SM, Lewthwaite R, Chui HC, Azen SP. “A randomized controlled comparison of upper extremity rehabilitation strategies in acute stroke: immediate and longer-term outcomes.” Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 85:620-628, 2004
  • Lewthwaite R & Orozco JR. “Initiatives to advance evidence-based practice in physical therapy: Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center and the University of Southern California.” Proceedings of the Conference on Evidence-based Healthcare Practice: General Principles and Focused Applications to Geriatric Physical Therapy (R. Wong, Ed.), Marymount University, Arlington, VA, 2002.
  • Roach K, Gandy J, Deusinger SS, Clark S, Gramet P, Gresham B, Hagler P, Lewthwaite R, May BJ, Rainey Y, Sanders B, & Strube MJ. [Task Force for the Development of Student Clinical Performance Instruments] “The development and testing of APTA Clinical Performance Instruments.” Physical Therapy, 82: 329-353, 2002.
  • Winstein C J, Pohl PS, & Lewthwaite R. “Effects of physical guidance and knowledge of results on motor learning: Support for the Guidance Hypothesis.” Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 65:316-323,1994.
  • Lewthwaite R. “Motivational considerations in physical activity involvement.” Physical Therapy, 70:808-819, 1990.