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Journey through the various spaces of the USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy with this virtual tour, which gives you fully immersive, 360-degree views and information on each location. Simply click and drag through each location for the full view.

… And Justice for All

Meet the USC DPT alumni who have created an organization, offering free physical therapy treatment to protesters injured peacefully demonstrating against systemic racial injustice.

Making Even Better Teachers

teacher pointing to slideshow
Associate Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy Todd Schroeder

A new initiative challenges faculty members to sharpen their teaching skills in division’s ongoing quest for teaching excellence.

Music to Their Ears

Violinist Gallia Kastner and Janice Ying over Zoom

When most people envision physical therapy patients, images come to mind of conventional athletes: runners, football players, weightlifters. But what about musicians? Read about how one USC alumna uses physical therapy to help performing artists get their groove back.

Diversity Story Slam

Grace Amoo '16, DPT '19/Photo: Nate Jensen

Revisiting the division’s inaugural Diversity Story Slam, where faculty, staff and students shared five-minute stories showcasing the importance of diversity and inclusion.

The Move to Zoom

Albert Cohen using soup cans as weights
Albert Cohen, 92, uses canned goods instead of weights as part of his Zoom-based physical therapy appointments with Lori Ginoza.

USC physical therapists turn to telehealth options to maintain ongoing treatment for patients sheltering in place during the coronavirus crisis. BY JAMIE WETHERBE MA ’04… Read more »

Life After Prostate Cancer

head and shoulders photo of Richard Johannesen
Photo by Nate Jensen

In honor of National Men’s Health Month, we revisit the story of Richard Johannesen, who, under the care of Daniel Kirages, sought a return to normalcy after successfully battling prostate cancer.

The Smart Squad

portrait of James Finley, Judy Pa and Sook-Lei Liew

Meet the division faculty members, leading innovative studies using virtual reality to treat Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and stroke as part of the USC SensoriMotor Assessment and Rehabilitation Training in Virtual Reality Center (SMART-VR Center).