… And Justice for All

Meet the USC DPT alumni who have created an organization, offering free physical therapy treatment to protesters injured peacefully demonstrating against systemic racial injustice.

Diversity Story Slam

Grace Amoo '16, DPT '19/Photo: Nate Jensen

Revisiting the division’s inaugural Diversity Story Slam, where faculty, staff and students shared five-minute stories showcasing the importance of diversity and inclusion.

The Trailblazer

Portrait of Melodie Daniels

Only 5 percent of practicing physical therapists are African American. Melodie Daniels DPT ’21 hopes to change that, serving as a role model to other people of color.

Discover the Rainbow

Portrait of K. Michael Rowley PhD ’18

Unpacking the LGBTQQIA+ acronym with a discussion about the intersection of identity and biology.  BY K. MICHAEL ROWLEY PhD ’18 November 2019 Understanding the unique… Read more »