Jessica Goytizolo DPT ’20

Jessica Goytizolo portrait


PTMLA MEMBER JESSICA GOYTIZOLO CAN’T STAND THE IDEA that lack of financial resources could crush an otherwise bright, talented minority student’s dream of a physical therapy career. 

“Everyone deserves a chance to do something they love,” she says. “If physical therapy is that career choice for someone, they should be able to be a part of it.”

Like other first-year minority students before her, Goytizolo — who is of Peruvian descent — was given a chance to pursue her own dreams, thanks in part to the PTMLA scholarship that she received this past fall. 

Her passion for inclusion in the profession — coupled with a strong desire to spread awareness about physical therapy treatments to underserved communities — are qualities that Goytizolo plans to bring to PTMLA this fall as she assumes the presidency. 

“I want this organization to positively impact communities,” she says. “And I want to continue to inspire others to get involved with different events that are built to make a difference.”