Graduate Profile: Karen Hyunji Lee MS ’19

karen Hyunji lee portrait
Photo: Nate Jensen

“My goal is simple: I want to make the world a healthier place,” Karen Hyunji Lee MS ’19 says. Her dream job has been to work for a health technology company that develops web-based health applications, wearable technology or biomedical devices that promote healthy living.

“I am particularly passionate about health technology and biomedical devices that improve overall health and wellness,” she adds. Lucky for Lee, her experience with the master of science in biokinesiology with a sports science emphasis has prepared her for just that.

During her studies in the program, Lee completed an internship at Stayhealthy, Inc., a health technology company, where she was the lead graduate student researcher for testing the accuracy of its mobile application.

“More specifically, I independently designed and conducted developmental studies on the mobile application’s measurements of energy expenditure and step count,” Lee says. “I also collected and processed the data, and I presented the results to senior management.”

Lee’s experience at Stayhealthy and the sports science program has provided her with the skills needed to excel at developing biomechanical solutions that improve overall health and wellness.

The program also helped Lee land a full-time role at Stayhealthy as a research associate upon graduation.

“There are a number of opportunities within the umbrella of sports science. It is important for students to gain exposure to a wide range of these fields to find the one that they are passionate about,” she says.

“The program is led by excellent faculty members who guide students to finding the field that suits them best and connects them with the right people.”

—Yasmine Pezeshkpour MCM ’16