Graduate Profile: Richard Mercer MS ’19

Photo: Nate Jensen

For Richard Mercer MS ’19, who wants to pursue a career working specifically with sports teams, the master of science in biokinesiology with a sports science emphasis was an ideal fit. “Having the emphasis in sports science is important as it provides recognition that while I am trained in biokinesiology, a lot of my coursework and focus has been on sports science.”

Mercer hopes to use his degree to work in professional soccer. “My studies have been focused on the analysis of sport specific movements, the use of technology to monitor and analyze human performance in healthy athletes and those recovering from injury and the use of technology to monitor training load in team sport environments,” he says. “My dream job is to combine these skills and work as a sports scientist and performance coach for a professional soccer team.”

Mercer is finishing an internship with Pateadores US Soccer Development Academy, an opportunity he landed through connections he made during the program.

“I believe the program’s greatest strength is the wealth of experiences that are available to students,” he says. “There is a concerted effort to allow students to follow their interests, whether that is to pursue research, gain practical experience in a lab or working with various forms of technology. Students can easily find the experience to take their skills to the next level towards a career that they are passionate about.”

—Yasmine Pezeshkpour MCM ’16