Shawn C. Sorenson, PhD, CSCS

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Research
Shawn Sorenson

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1540 East Alcazar St., CHP 155 Los Angeles, CA 90089-9006

Current Research:

Professional Interests
Dr. Sorenson is an interdisciplinary health and exercise scientist and educator, specializing in the health and well-being of elite athletes. As a PhD student at USC, he led the first formal study of lifetime health, exercise, and quality-of-life among modern competitive athletes, and served as founding director of the Trojan Lifetime Champions (TLC) research and education program, a joint initiative between the Division and the USC Department of Athletics. Dr. Sorenson embraces wide-ranging knowledge in epidemiology, exercise physiology, sports biomechanics, strength and conditioning, personal development, and the behavioral sciences as key to promoting whole-person health and well-being.

Dr. Sorenson is a former engineer and project manager in the NASA Space Shuttle Program, a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the founder of S.C. Sorenson Consulting.
  • University of Southern California, Ph.D., Biokinesiology, 2012
  • University of Southern California, M.S., Biokinesiology, 2008
  • Rice University, B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2002
Selected Publications
  • Sorenson, SC, Romano, R, Scholefield, RM, Martin, BE, Gordon, JG, Azen, SP, Schroeder, ET, Salem, GJ (2014). Holistic life-span health outcomes among elite intercollegiate student-athletes. Journal of Athletic Training 49(5):684-695.
  • Sorenson, SC, Romano, R, Azen, SP, Schroeder, ET, Salem, GJ (2015). Life span exercise among elite intercollegiate student athletes. Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach 7(1):80-86.
  • Sorenson, SC, Romano, R, Scholefield, RM, Schroeder, ET, Azen, SP, Salem, GJ (2015). The Trojan Lifetime Champions health survey: development, validity, and reliability. Journal of Athletic Training 50(4):407-418.
  • Sorenson, SC, Flanagan, SP (2015). Age-related changes to composite lower extremity kinetics and their constituents in healthy gait: A perspective on contributing factors and mechanisms. Healthy Aging Research 4:20.
  • Sorenson, SC (2010). Misleading interpretations and public misinformation on human growth hormone in athletes. Annals of Internal Medicine 153(5), 345.
  • Sorenson, SC, Arya, S, Souza, RB, Pollard, CD, Salem, GJ, Kulig, K (2010). Knee extensor dynamics in the volleyball approach jump: the influence of patellar tendinopathy. Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy 40(9), 568-576.
  • Heiler, J, Sorenson, SC in Chiu, LZF (2009). Point/Counterpoint: sitting back in the squat. Strength and Conditioning Journal 31(6), 25-27