• Supervised clinical mentorship and on-field experience are key components of the USC Sports Residency Program. A typical week includes 20 hours of clinical practice, 4 hours of mentored clinical practice in physical therapy, 3 hours of mentoring with physicians as they see patients in their practice, and 3-6 hours of on-field experience in various athletic settings. The remaining hours are divided into diverse didactic work, including literature reviews and instruction in theory and technique. The appropriate application of manual therapy techniques is included, within the framework of a comprehensive program of care that includes all aspects of care provided by the sports specialist in physical therapy.

    The Sports Physical Therapy Residency Program consists of four intensive modules, two orthopedic modules (8-day) and two sports rehabilitation modules (4-day).

    Additional weekend courses through the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy Continuing Education Department may be required.

    Requirements for successful completion include successfully passing oral, practical, and written exams, examinations with live patients, and completion of a project suitable for publication.

    Typical Week Schedule

    typical week schedule