• Residency Tuition 2010-2011

    Residency Tuition


    Administration and Education Fees*


    Fees can be paid in one, two, or four installments over the course of the year.

    *The $2200 fee is paid by the clinical site. These fees are for academic year 2013-14only. They are subject to change in future years.


    Residents are paid for 20-30 hours a week of clinical time. The salaries are set but vary slightly from clinic to clinic. The 4 hours of mentored physical therapy care and the 4 hours of physician mentoring are not paid

    There is the possibility of teaching within the entry level DPT program, for which the residents are paid $25/hour

    If the resident is not teaching, the remaining hours of the week (~10-12 based on a 40 hour week) are left open to the resident. The resident can elect to work either at the residency clinic, or elsewhere, depending on availability of open positions. Pay in that situation is between the resident and the clinic.
    Miscellaneous Information
    Each resident is responsible for the purchase of personal textbooks, syllabi, scrubs, and incidental supplies. Information on required books will be given during orientation.
    Residents must plan for living expenses and transportation to clinical facilities. Because of limited public transportation in Los Angeles, a car is almost a necessity. Suggestions for where to live can be provided