Orthopedic Residency Program

  •  The Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program at USC offers an intense year of both clinical and classroom training in the art and science of orthopedic physical therapy practice. It is a university-based clinical residency program designed for physical therapists pursuing specialized post-professional clinical education and teaching experience. The intent of the program is to accelerate a therapist’s professional development as a patient/client care provider. This foundation to excel is achieved by providing ongoing clinical supervision and mentoring by physical therapists and physicians, coupled with evidence based instruction in the classroom and clinical settings.

    The American Physical Therapy Association describes clinical residencies as follows:


    A post-professional clinical residency is a planned program of post-professional clinical education. It is designed to advance the physical therapist resident's preparation as a provider of patient/client care services in a defined area of clinical practice. It also combines opportunities for ongoing clinical supervision/mentoring and feedback to the physical therapist resident, including practical examinations, with a foundation in scientific inquiry and course work.

    The goal of post-professional clinical residency programs is to produce clinicians who demonstrate superior post-professional clinical skills, advanced knowledge in an area of clinical practice, and the ability to function as consultants, advocates, and educators of their peers and patients.

    Why Should I enroll in the Orthopaedic Residency at USC?

    "The three reasons I would give to anyone considering this program are that first, this University offers a multi-factorial educational process including clinical practice, learning as a teaching assistant, doing rounds with orthopedic physicians, and seminars with specialists in different areas of medicine and physical therapy. Secondly, this program is unique because students have access to amazing faculty and an equally outstanding teaching facility. Finally, having the opportunities to meet and learn from outstanding members of the physical therapy profession and the opportunities to meet physical therapists in a collegial and learning environment sets USC apart."
    Mike Andersen
    Orthopedic Physical Therapy Resident