Neurologic Residency Program

  • The University of Southern California/Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center (USC/RLANRC) Clinical Residency Program in Neurologic Physical Therapy combines the academic resources of a superior physical therapy educational and research institution with the prominent history and clinical expertise of one of the leading national rehabilitation centers. Established in 2002, this program was the first University-based neurologic residency credentialed by the APTA.

    The mission of the University of Southern California/Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center (USC/RLANRC) Clinical residency program in neurologic physical therapy is to graduate advanced practitioners of neurologic physical therapy who will express their education through excellence in the practice and teaching of clinical skills, who will continue to expand the body of knowledge in their specialty by conducting and publishing clinical research and who will make a lasting contribution to their local and professional community.

    Advanced neurologic physical therapy practitioners will possess a foundation in the theoretical basis of neurologic PT practice, including neuroscience and neuroplasticity, motor control and learning, and motivation and behavior change. Program graduates will possess knowledge and skill in medical and physical therapy differential diagnosis and prognosis. This foundation will be expanded through evidence-based practice and outcomes assessment that leads to efficient and effective PT interventions and optimal patient outcomes.

    Why Should I Come to USC?

    “The neuro-residency program is very encompassing. As a resident, I taught components of neuroanatomy and patient care labs, studied neurologic differential diagnosis and neuroradiology, researched neurologic literature, and evaluated and treated patients with neurologic disorders. I found the opportunity for increasing my didactic knowledge, while simultaneously applying concepts in the clinic was very beneficial for learning and enhancing the care I provide to my patients. In addition, the affiliation with a well-established rehabilitation hospital such as Rancho Los Amigos provides the opportunity to practice under the guidance of very bright and experienced neurologic clinical specialists. I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering pursuing a career in neurologic physical therapy.”

    – Bernadette Currier - Neurologic Physical Therapy Resident, Class of 2004