Funding Opportunities

  • Grant Forward

    Grant Forward, by Cazoodle, is a database of grants where users can search for funding opportunities (federal-, state-, foundation- and institution-sponsored research) across all fields, including the sciences, humanities, and arts. Grant Forward membership is free to all USC employees. Creating an account is a simple two-step process – just follow the instructions in the New User Quick Guide.

    Grant Forward also allows you to create a detailed user profile. Once created, funding opportunities that match the user’s research interests are automatically identified and displayed in the Recommendations section.

    To search the database please visit:

  • Federal Funding

    Funding opportunities sponsored by the federal government.

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    Non-federal & Corporate Funding

    Funding opportunities sponsored by non-profit organizations and private corporations.

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    USC Funding

    Funding opportunities sponsored by USC specifically for USC investigators.

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    Student Funding

    Funding opportunities specifically for students.

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    Training Opportunities

    Opportunities for future rehabilitation scientists to gain additional education and training.

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