Amy Pomrantz, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC

Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy
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1540 Alcazar St., CHP 155, Los Angeles, CA 90089-9006

Current Research:

Professional Interests
Dr. Amy Pomrantz is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy in the USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy where she participates in patient care, teaching, and clinical education. She practices at USC Physical Therapy Associates, a faculty practice of the Division. Dr. Pomrantz is a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and a Certified Athletic Trainer. She specializes in the treatment of orthopedic conditions, sports-related injuries, and pain management.

Dr. Pomrantz co-directs two courses in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program including Therapeutic Application of Physical Agents and Differential Diagnosis in Physical Therapy. In addition to teaching, she works as the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education, assisting with the clinical education of the DPT students throughout the 3 years of the curriculum. She is also a faculty mentor in the USC Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program and the USC Sports Physical Therapy Residency Program.

Dr. Pomrantz is a member of the Orthopedic Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. She is active in the California Physical Therapy Association, both as a member of the Government Affairs Committee and in the Greater Los Angeles District where she holds multiple positions. She is also a member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.
  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA; Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency
  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA; Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA; Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry
Selected Publications

Journal Articles:

  • Kulig K, Reischl SF, Pomrantz AB, Burnfield JM, Mais-Requejo S, Thordarson DB, Smith RW: Non-operative management of tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction using orthoses and resistive exercise: a randomized clinical trial. Physical Therapy, 89:26-36, 2009.
  • Kulig K, Pomrantz AB, Burnfield, JM, Reischl, SF, Mais-Requejo, S, Thordarson, DB, Smith, RW: Non-operative management of posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction: design of a randomized clinical trial (NCT00279630), BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 7:49, 2006.

Book Chapters

  • Pomrantz AB and Sebelski CA. Chapter 15 - Case Demonstration: Chest Pain. In: Davenport TE, Kulig KK, Sebelski CA, Gordon J, Watts HG, editors. Diagnosis for Physical Therapists A Symptom- Based Approach. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company; 2013: 261-268.
  • Pomrantz AB and Landel R. Chapter 2 - Upper Cervical Spine Clinical Decision Making. In: Sueki D, Brechter J, editors. Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinical Advisor. Missouri: Mosby; 2010: 67-82


  • Pomrantz AB, Reischl S, Requejo S, Burnfield J, Kulig K: Long-term effectiveness of progressive resistive exercise on posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction: a randomized clinical trial. Proceedings of the Combined Sections Meeting, APTA, San Diego, CA, 2006, Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, 36(1): A54, 2006.