Lucinda Baker, PhD, PT

Adjunct Associate Professor

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Professional Interests
Dr. Baker is the Director of the Clinical Electrophysiology Laboratory. Her research focus is on the evaluation of the human nervous system, specifically assessing the state of motoneuron and interneuron excitability at the level of the spinal cord. Dr. Baker teaches in the areas of electrophysiology, neurophysiology and neuroanatomy.
  • University of Southern California, LA, CA, PhD, 1985, Physical Therapy
  • University of Southern California, LA, CA, MS, 1977, Physical Therapy
  • University of Southern California, LA, CA, BS, 1972, Physical Therapy
Selected Publications
  • Popovic J, Baker LL, Loeb GE:  Recruitment and Comfort of BION implanted electrical stimulation: implications for FES applications.  IEEE Transactions in Biomedical Sciences, 15:577-586, 2007.
  • Newsam C, Baker LL:   The effect of an electrical stimulation facilitation program on the recruitment of motor units in hemiparetic patients.  Arch Phys Med Rehabil 85: 2004.
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