Integrative Center for Oncology Research in Exercise


  • The Dieli Laboratory, led by Christina DIeli-Conwright, PhD, within ICORE, conducts research to examine the effects of post-diagnosis exercise on cancer prognosis with a specific focus on biomarkers related to obesity, inflammation, and metabolic dysregulation. For certain cancers (i.e., breast, colorectal, and prostate), the risk of primary cancer, diagnostic severity, and its associated recurrence is reduced by regular participation in exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight. Thus, our research is focused on: 1) Determining the underlying physiologic mechanisms by which obesity and metabolic dysregulation drive cancer recurrence; 2) Designing and executing exercise interventions to improve co-morbid disease outcomes (i.e., obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease) related to disease recurrence in cancer survivors; and 3) Disseminating effective lifestyle interventions to cancer survivors to alleviate the presence of co-morbid diseases in an effort to reduce mortality. 

    Our research has shown that clinical exercise interventions alleviate metabolic dysregulation and adipose tissue inflammation in cancer survivors. Therefore, we seek to further identify and target specific biomarkers associated with cancer prognosis that can be impacted by exercise. This work will establish the foundation needed to appropriately prescribe specific exercise guidelines for cancer survivors to improve cancer prognosis.

    Please check back regularly to learn when new exciting studies become available. If you have an exercise or related study that you would like to advertise, please contact us.

    Ongoing Studies:
    1. The MetS Trial for Breast Cancer Survivors
    2. The HIIT Trial for Breast Cancer Survivors undergoing Anthracycline and Herceptin Treatment
    3. The ROSA Trial for Hispanic Breast Cancer Survivors
    4. The AIM Trial for Obese Cancer Survivors
    5. The LEAN Trial for Endometrial Cancer Survivors
    6. The CARE Trial for Breast and Prostate Cancer Survivors
    7. The ACE Trial for Colorectal Cancer Survivors