Integrative Center for Oncology Research in Exercise

Integrative Center for Oncology Research in Exercise

  • The Integrative Center for Oncology Research in Exercise was founded to aid in the integration of multidisciplinary research areas underlying the interplay between lifestyle factors (e.g., exercise, diet), and cancer occurrence and prognosis.

    The Center incorporates advancements surrounding cancer prevention and survivorship research to improve and innovatively implement interventions to modify lifestyle behaviors in people at risk for cancer, patients, and survivors.

    By promoting an integrative, transdisciplinary environment, our research will progress the science related to:
    1. Cancer prevention and survivorship lifestyle interventions
    2. Development and utilization of cancer biomarkers underlying exercise-based benefits on cancer outcomes
    3. Molecular biology and biochemical mechanisms behind lifestyle factors


    The USC ICORE fosters and conducts innovative research to develop and implement novel lifestyle (e.g., exercise, diet) intervention approaches to prevent cancer risk, recurrence, and mortality in the support of healthy living for those affected by cancer.


    We envision that the University of Southern California will be a premier center for exercise oncology research, generating and disseminating innovative and clinical practice-changing outcomes.
  • Faculty and Staff Spotlight
    Dieli Christina new
    Dr.Dieli-Conwright’s research is focused on: 1) Determining underlying physiologic mechanisms causing cancer treatment-related weight gain/loss in cancer patients;