Human Performance Laboratory

  • The Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) is dedicated to the investigation of typical and impaired mechanics as they pertain to safe and optimal participation in sports and physical activities. Our research focuses on prevention and rehabilitation of knee injuries in active individuals. Research projects emphasis: 1) Improving outcomes following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLr) and 2) understanding the mechanics of athletic maneuverability across ages and their relationship to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury risk and physical activity behavior. Our work aims to contribute to the development of effective rehabilitation and injury prevention programs.

    The location of our laboratory, in the Competitive Athletic Training Zone (CATZ) Sports Performance facility in Pasadena, allows for unique opportunities beyond those of traditional research laboratories. Our state of the art motion analysis system sits in the middle of the 12,000 sq. ft. facility allowing for realistic assessment of sports maneuvers. Greater exposure to the community fosters excitement for our research and along with its convenient location promotes participation in on-going research projects.

  • Faculty and Staff Spotlight
    sigward spotlight
    Dr. Sigward studies abnormal movement patterns related to lower extremity injury and the factors that contribute to their development. In particular, the contribution of experience, age, training and sex to the development of movement strategies that may contribute to knee injuries.