Applied Mathematical Physiology

  • The Applied Mathematical Physiology Laboratory (AMPL) is directed by Jason J. Kutch, who received his Ph.D. in 2008 incollaboration between the University of Michigan and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. In the AMPL we perform basic science and translational research focused on the neural mechanisms for muscle activation, engineering of non-invasive systems to study human motor function, and neuromuscular chronic pain disorders. Of particular interest is the interaction between peripheral adaptations used to mitigate painful stimuli and the subsequent representation of these adaptations in the brain. We are studying the hypothesis that the link between vicious cycles (positive feedback loops) in the periphery and the brain may contribute to the persistence of many chronic pain disorders, and may provide a novel treatment avenue.

    Individuals with chronic pelvic pain or fibromyalgia are encouraged to contact us regarding ongoing research projects.


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  • Faculty and Staff Spotlight
    Jason 89x115
    Understanding brain and spinal cord networks controlling muscle fibers with neuroimaging, electrophysiology, and mathematical models; optimizing rehabilitation for restoring normal control of muscle in individuals with chronic pain.