Master of Science (MS) in Biokinesiology

  • The Master of Science in Biokinesiology program prepares graduates to be research scientists in the field of biokinesiology, MS graduates conduct basic or clinical research usually under the direction of a principal investigator. The philosophy of the MS in biokinesiology program is that graduates will be prepared to conduct collaborative, interdisciplinary research. This requires that they are conversant in all areas of biokinesiology and that they are able to conceptualize research questions across several levels of analysis. The curriculum strikes a balance between providing students with a broad exposure to the variety of disciplines within biokinesiology and giving students the advanced skills necessary to excel in a specialized area. Students achieve breadth of knowledge by taking a set of required core courses, and they develop depth by taking elective courses in their areas of concentration. MS students also learn specialized research skill by completing a project in one of the laboratories of the biokinesiology program.

    Why Should I Come to USC?
    “The Program in Biokinesiology is distinctive in that our students gain an understanding of the causal links between biological mechanisms and purposeful movements that accomplish complex behaviors in the environment. Students also gain an appreciation of how the human body adapts to growth and experience as well as to injury, disease, and aging. Biokinesiology integrates the study of movement at the molecular, cellular, organ and systems level, giving students a unique, interdisciplinary perspective of the biological bases of normal and disordered movement.”

    – Chris Powers, PhD, PT, Director - Biokinesiology Programs

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