Other Research Resources

  • Data Sources

    U.S. Disability Statistics
    DisabilityStatistics.org provides a set of well-documented disability statistics and rehabilitation data sources in a user-friendly and accessible manner to facilitate evidence-based advocacy, decision-making and research. GO >>

    Data Analysis & Management

    Bioinformatics Services
    The Norris Medical Library provides bioinformatics support services for USC investigators. Services range from consultation to workshops to support for software licenses, to email alerts. GO >>

    The Biostatistics Core Services
    This resource provides statistical support to clinical, basic science and cancer cause and prevention investigators. This support may range from simple advice, to participating in the design of the research project, to carrying out aspects of the data management and statistical analysis of a project. This resource is housed within the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. GO >>

    Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute
    Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute (SC CTSI) offers biostatistics and bioinformatics support to promote efficient and accurate data collection and analysis, and to help researchers avoid translational research pitfalls. GO >>

    Services include:

    • Brief biostatistics and bioinformatics consultation 
    • Study/experimental design
    • Data management through REDCap 
    • Statistical analysis
    • Scientific writing support

    Statistical Consultation & Research Center
    The Statistical Consultation and Research Center (SCRC) is an Organized Research Unit at the University of Southern California which integrates statistical, epidemiological and computing resources and offers them to professionals conducting clinical, biomedical and translational research. GO >>


    How to Review a Scientific Paper

    Manuscript Peer Review: A Helpful Checklist for Students and Novice Referees, Douglas R. Seals & Hirofumi Tanaka

    How to Write a Manuscript

    SC CTSI - ECDE: How to Write a Manuscript, Career Development Seminar Series talk by Jonathan M. Samet
    How to Write a Manuscript - Slides
    How to Write a Manuscript - Exercises
    Dear Author - Advice from a Retiring Editor, Jonathan M. Samet
    Body-Mass Index and Mortality in Korean Men and Women, Sun Ha Lee et al.

    Human Subjects Research Compliance

    USC Office for the Protection of Research Subjects
    Human Subjects Research Compliance Presentation - Slides from USC Office for Protection of Research Subjects and the Institutional Review Board Division Seminar (11/1/12)
    Research Investigator Audits and Inspections - Reference guide for how to be prepared for a human subjects compliance review audit
    USC Human Subjects Protection Program (HSPP) Policies and Procedures 

    ResearchMatch (Participant Recruitment Resource)

    ResearchMatch helps connect willing volunteers with researchers who are searching for appropriate volunteers to be placed in their research studies (not just clinical trials). If you are interested in utilizing ResearchMatch for participant recruitment on your IRB approved study, register with your USC email address at www.researchmatch.org

    NIH K Grant Funding: Get Funded Easier & Faster  

    Download and view webinar file here | Download and view Handouts here | Download and view Transcript here

    NIH Specific Aims & Narrative Training

    Download and webinar file here

    Graduate Student Research Fellowship Training Course

    Download video file for session one here  session two here and session three here

    Research Training Finder

    A search tool for USC faculty, PIs, postdocs, students, research staff, and lab technicians to assist those who conduct and administratively support research at USC in determining research compliance training requirements. The tool uses a dynamic filter that provides a specialized training portfolio based on who you are and what your responsibilities entail. GO >>

    USC Profiles: Find the Right Collaborators

    In research, finding the right partners is often as challenging as the science itself. USC Health Sciences Profiles helps you find 2400+ USC researchers in the health sciences based on their research expertise. It also reveals their networks of co-authors and similar people. If you have a profile, you can easily enhance it by adding a photo or a description of your work. Try it now >>

    USC Facilities & Resources

    For reference and use in the facilities and resources section of research applications.

    USC Facilities & Resources

    File updated ~ Dec. 2016

    Research Staff

    Research Administration 
    Tasha Hsu, Research Administrator (shihting@pt.usc.edu)

    Shannon Massimo, Clinical Research Coordinator & Blinded Evaluator (walterss@usc.edu
    Erin Fitzgerald, Intervention Therapist (ekfitzge@pt.usc.edu)
    Clarisa Martinez, DPT, Back-up Clinical Research Coordinator & Intervention Therapist (clarisa@usc.edu

    Monica Nelsen, DPT, Clinical Project Manager (nelsen@usc.edu)

    Technical Support - IT
    Matt Sandusky (sandusky@usc.edu)
    Chad Louie (clouie@usc.edu)
    Raj Singh (ramraj.singh@pt.usc.edu)