Wall of Honor

  • With a commitment of $5,000 or more, you will be recognized on the Center's Wall of Honor, located prominently as you enter and exit the Center. With a gift of $100 or more, you will be recognized on this Virtual Wall of Honor. All gifts will be recognized in the Honor Roll of Donors of In Motion, the Division's newsletter during the academic year (July 1 - June 30) on which the gift was made.

    To make a gift, or for more information, please contact Sara Villagran, (323) 442-1193.

    Thank you for your generous support!


    Kathleen Bice


    Sandra Lee Jones Estate

    Jacquelin Perry




    Sally and Larry Ho

    Bice Passavant Foundation

    John Wallace, Jr.



    Hazel V. Adkins

    Helena C. Chui

    Suwannee and Darryl Fong
    in Honor of
    Albert and Kathryn Fong

    Kaye Kilburn

    Maureid M. Luxford

    MacDonald-Schaffer Family
    in Honor of
    Michelle Kristofferson

    Winkie W. Sonnefield

    Tracy M. Sykes


    Tara Victoria Beering
    David N. Bogart
    Tays E. Bogue
    L. Lee Bosley
    Larry and Gwen Brown
    BP Fabric of America
    Judy M. Burnfield
    Young G. Choi
    Jack Close
    Sharon DeMuth
    DPT Class of 2008
    DPT Class of 2009
    Linda Fetters
    Nicole Gallaher
    Gaspar Physical Therapy
    Dennis Gertmenian
    Linda Carlsen Givvin
    Lisa R. Grantham
    Joanne K. Gronley
    Mitchel Charles Kaye
    Nancy Keating
    Audrey S. Kissler
    Krpata Sports Therapy, Inc.
    Nancy A. Krueger
    Ning Lan
    Linda Langford
    Kathleen Hofer Larson
    Susan Layfield
    Carole Lewis
    Stanojka Vucic Lipovac
    Micky Meiki Louie
    Henry N. Luhrs
    Gail Skulsky McKennitt
    Meyer Chritable Trust
    Sandra J. Moura
    Jo and Art Ochoa
    Alan Olsen
    Jason Hyuk Park
    Adrienne Ruth Parry
    Patricia J. Pechtl
    Liz Poppert
    Laurie Quinn
    Katherine Roeske
    SAVANNAH in Honor of
    Tracy Sykes
    Joanne Seiber
    Michele E. Shimizu
    Carin Shuler in Memory
    of Donald Jay Yockey
    Daphne Stoermer
    Carole Sussman
    The Guardian Life
    Insurance Co. of America
    Shari H. Thorell
    Janet Tice
    Katrina Zoe Vogel
    Man-Ying Wang
    Summer Wilkerson
    Rizkalla Zakhary
    Peter J. Zepelak