Barefoot Running

  • Quantitative Analysis of a Transition to Barefoot Running

    This study serves to examine the biomechanical and physiological adaptations that occur when habitually shod runners transition to barefoot running. We are testing whether an eight-week transition to barefoot will help optimize running dynamics, muscle performance, and musculotendinous adaptations.

    For more information, contact:
    Rami Hashish, PT, DPT, PhD Candidate              
    (323) 442-2948                                                                                                          

    Sachithra Samarawickrame, MBBS, PhD Candidate
    (323) 442-2948

    • NIH/NCRR/NCATS/SC-CTSI Grant UL1TR000130
    • The North Face, Inc.

    IRB Approval #: HS-12-00427