• BKN 550: Neurobehavioral Basis of Movement (Spring)

    This is a team taught course designed to provide the scientific foundation for the neural and behavioral bases of movement control and motor skill learning with an emphasis on motor systems and the control of functional behaviors including posture, locomotion and reach/grasp actions. Concepts of neuroplasticity associated with recovery and repair and computational approaches are discussed as they pertain to learning and recent approaches to neurorehabilitation.

    BKN 553: Experimental Methods for the Analysis of Human Movement (Fall)

    The primary objective of this course is to provide students with an overview of the techniques and hardware used to record biological movement, measure movement variables, and analyze those variables to address hypotheses. Students will learn to set up an environment for recording signals associated with movement, process and analyze the recorded data using Matlab and other standard software packages, and identify the principles, applications, and limitations of newly developed technologies for quantifying human movement.