Helen Bacon

PhD student in Biokinesiology

(323) 442-1196



Motor Behavior and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory

Mailing Address:

1540 Alcazar St., CHP 155, Los Angeles, CA 90089-9006

Current Research:

Professional Interests

Helen is a 3rd year PhD student in the Motor Behavior and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Carolee Winstein. After completing her MEng in Engineering Science in 2008 she joined the UK National Health Service (NHS) on the training scheme for Clinical Scientists. As part of the scheme she completed an MSc in Biomedical Engineering, and was based in the Rehabilitation Directorate of Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust. During this period she worked in a movement analysis laboratory and also in many multidisciplinary clinics across the West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre. Consequently, she developed an interest in neurorehabilitation and is keen to build upon her clinical experience and engineering background as she progresses through the Biokinesiology programme at USC. Helen is interested in understanding the differences between skilled and unskilled movement, in particular how we can identify and quantify compensatory movements in people after stroke.



  • Postgraduate Diploma, Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine 2010
  • MSc Biomedical Engineering, University of Surrey 2010
  • MEng Engineering Science, University of Oxford 2008


Selected Publications


  • Bacon HR, Hooyman A, Rowley KM. Modeling endpoint forces of the upper arm post-stroke. Poster Presentation, Neural Control of Movement, Charleston, April 2015
  • Bacon H, Chen Y-A, Chung Y-C, Wang R, Kao J-Y, Fisher BE, Medioni G, Nocera L, Blanco C, Winstein CJ. Is a Kinect based Point of Care Mobility System Feasibly for Monitoring Motor Behavior in Parkinson's Disease? Poster Presentation, Mobile Health in Rehabilitation, Boston, October 2014.
  • Martinez CA, Bacon H, Finley JM, Schweighofer N, Winstein CJ. Can inertial sensors characterize treatment-induced skill acquisition in chronic stoke? Poster Presentation, Society for Neuroscience, Washington DC, November 2014.
  • Davies HR, Davenport P. Alignment of plantar pressure data with 3D foot placement data. Poster Presentation, IPEM Medical Physics and Engineering Conference, Oxford, September 2012 
  • Davies HR, Davenport P, Pratt D, Hughes M. Double Calibration for a Helen Hayes marker set. Poster Presentation, European Society of Movement Analysis for Adults and Children 21st Annual Meeting, Vienna, September 2011.