Service Learning Ideas

  • The following options need to be approved by faculty advisors prior to pursuing as an SLE.

    1) Skilled or Assisted Living Facilities
    a) Assist with life enrichment programs (reading, music, games, puzzles)
    b) In room activities (reading, music, games, needlework)
    c) Assisting in scheduled activities related to movement (outings, birthday games, dances)
    d) Taking patients on authorized walks
    e) Leading fitness exercises (eg wheelchair, bed exercises)
    f) Wheelchair maintenance
    g) Ambulation aides (preparation and maintenance of walkers, canes, etc)
    h) PPT presentations relevant to residents
    i) Personal writing for residents unable to write

    2) Adult Day Health Care centers (ADHC)
    a) Day Center assistant
    b) Friendly Visitor Programs (6mo-1yr)
    c) Healthy Meals Programs

    3) Adopt- A-Grandparent

    4) Boys & Girls Clubs of America
    a) Coaching (b-ball, skateboarding, soccer)
    b) Games coordinator
    c) Teen Center Assistant
    d) Technology lab assistant (computer classes)
    e) Learning Center Assistant (tutoring, homework assistance)

    5) Big Brother/Big Sister organizations

    6) Coaching – AYSO, Little league, Pop Warner
    a) Head / assistant coach
    b) Coaching presentations (injury prevention, rehab [sprains, strains])

    7) Provide Move California presentations (need to ID appropriate sites/audiences)

    8) Literacy Network of Greater LA
    a) Tutoring

    9) Hot line coverage
    a) Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault
    b) Suicide prevention

    10) YMCA - Team Coach
    a) Coach a girls or boys team
    b) Possible sports include basketball, volleyball, and more