About DPT

  • Why the DPT?
    The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program at the University of Southern California prepares graduates to be autonomous practitioners, capable of evaluating and treating patients without the need for referral from another practitioner, but ready to work in collaboration with other health professionals. The Doctor of Physical Therapy is the authoritative practitioner in the diagnosis and treatment of movement dysfunction.

    For more information about the DPT degree, visit the APTA website.

    The History Behind the USC DPT
    In 1998, the University of Southern California awarded the DPT degree to graduates of the program in physical therapy. USC has been a leader in the transition to doctoral level education in physical therapy. The need for a primary care practitioner who can diagnose and treat the causes of movement dysfunction and the increased scientific and evidence base for physical therapy are forces for the dramatic shift to a doctoral degree as the primary preparation for a professional degree in physical therapy.

    Why Should I Come to USC?
    "The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at USC is one of the premier programs in the country. This distinction derives from a mission that includes the advancement of physical therapy education, practice, and research. Because of this, students in our program benefit from a dynamic learning environment where patient care and research are actively integrated. Faculty are national and international leaders engaged in teaching and research with a focus on increasing the quality and understanding of physical therapy practice and science.”

  • Program Information

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