• The prerequisite for applicants to the Master of Science program in biokinesiology is either: (a) a bachelor’s degree or higher with a science major or equivalent; or (b) a bachelor’s or master’s degree in physical therapy with appropriate basic science content. Courses completed at the time of application must include work in chemistry, mathematics, physics and biology (with appropriate laboratory study). Course work in anatomy, physiology, calculus, histology, kinesiology, trigonometry, analytical geometry, exercise physiology and biochemistry is highly recommended. Applicants with no background in cellular or molecular biology may be required to take PT 509 in the DPT program. Candidates should have some degree of computer literacy. International applicants will be considered on a special evaluation of credentials. Students deficient in certain prerequisites may be admitted subject to completion of requirements within two years after admission. An additional year may be granted by a faculty committee upon review of the student’s program. Work in any prerequisite course will not be part of the required units for the master of science degree.