L.A. Area High School Teacher Named Fellow to the Division

Dr. Holloway

Dr. Nina Bradley, associate professor in the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy, was awarded a $5700 fellowship from the American Physiology Society (APS) to host a local high school teacher, Dr. Lorenita Holloway, for the summer. The APS supports these fellowships in the university setting as part of their professional development programs for K-12 science teachers.

Dr. Holloway is chair of the science department at Compton High and a veterinarian by training who, Dr. Bradley explained, gave up a veterinary medicine career to teach high school. “A child of 2 dedicated teachers, Dr. Holloway discovered that her own passion is to provide a quality science education to underserved communities,” said Dr. Bradley.

As an APS fellow, Dr. Holloway will spend two months full time on the Health Sciences Campus (HSC). Much of that time she will be working in the Motor Control Development Laboratory on a project in collaboration with the students and Dr. Bradley, the director of the lab.

Dr. Holloway reached out to Dr. Bradley and asked if she would sponsor her as a summer fellow so that she could spend the summer on the USC campus. Her goal is to hone her own skills in the laboratory and develop new ways to help transform instruction and student enthusiasm for science at Compton High. Her project will help the lab further its investigations into the role of prenatal motor behavior in establishing neonatal motor skills.

At the end of the fellowship, Dr. Holloway will present the findings of her collaborative work at the APS Annual National Meeting. “We believe the academic environment and research experiences she acquires during the fellowship will help her transform the science culture at Compton High,” Dr. Bradley suggested.

Though Dr. Holloway will only be in the laboratory for two months, Dr. Bradley said their collaboration may not end at the close of Dr. Holloway’s time at USC. Upon learning that her fellowship application was granted, Dr. Holloway brought some of her students to visit the laboratories at the Division.

Dr. Lorenita Holloway's students from Compton High School visited the laboratories in the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy on the Health Sciences Campus.

“She thought it was a good way to introduce them to something they may not have seen and to give them a chance to envision a future for themselves in science,” said Dr. Bradley. “I could see us building on that type of relationship by having our faculty speak at the high school or by bringing more of their students here.”

Dr. Bradley noted that many USC schools, including the Division, already have programs to reach out and serve the local community and believes this could be another one of those great partnerships.
“Both on the University Park Campus and here at HSC, there are many ways we reach out to the community,” said Dr. Bradley. “This could become a new avenue for the Division to further connect and help build our community.”