Division Earns Several Awards at CPTA Annual Meeting


Several division faculty members and alumni took home awards from the California Physical Therapy Association’s (CPTA) annual meeting in Pasadena, Calif., on Sept. 26 and 27.

Professor Kornelia Kulig earned one of the year’s most prestigious awards, the Royce P. Noland Award of Merit, which acknowledges exceptional service and achievement by an individual to the profession of physical therapy.

As part of the honor, Kulig gets an opportunity to address her colleagues with the Royce P. Noland Award of Merit Address at the CPTA 2016 conference in Santa Clara, Calif.

Professor of Clinical Therapy Rob Landel MS ’84, DPT ’96 won the award in 2012, delivering in 2013 his “A House Divided,” about the traditionally adversarial relationship between clinicians and researchers and California’s controversial direct-access bill for physical therapy.

This award comes on the heels of Kulig earning the Helen J. Hislop Award for Outstanding Contributions to Professional Literature at the 2015 APTA NEXT Conference and Exposition.

In addition to Kulig’s honor, Gwendolyne Aquije DPT ’11, David Ojeda DPT ’07 and Andrew Piraino DPT ’12 each received Rising Star Awards at the CPTA annual meeting. The awards are meant to recognize individuals just getting started in association activities who show leadership potential.

Steve Reischl MS ’97, DPT ’97 won a non-research publication award for his article “Heel Pain-Plantar Fasciitis: Revision 2014,” which appeared in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy. Reischl is an adjunct associate professor of clinical physical therapy.

Derrick Sueki DPT ’98 and Todd Davenport DPT ’02 also won non-research publication awards — Sueki for his article, “A Regional Interdependence Model of Musculoskeletal Dysfunction: Research, Mechanism and Clinical Implications,” which appeared in the May 2013 Journal of Manual & Manipulation Therapy and Davenport for his “Clinical Case Reporting in the Peer-Reviewed Physical Therapy Literature: Time to Move Toward Functioning,” which appeared in the December 2013 Physiotherapy Research International.

The California Physical Therapy Association is a chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association, which represents more than 88,000 physical therapists and physical therapist assistants nationwide. The CPTA is the third largest physical therapy association in the world and is the only voice for the physical therapy profession in the Golden State. It is led by Christopher Powers PhD ’96, a professor at the division, who presided over the annual meeting.