SPOTLIGHT ON: BKN Student Council

BKN Student CouncilL to R: Na-Hyen Ko, K. Michael Rowley, Bokkyu Kim, Lindsey Anderson, Simon Orozco, Lindsey Avery, Danielle Jarvis, Joshua Dexheimer, Kristamarie Pratt.

In 2013, the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy introduced its very own Biokinesiology (BKN) Student Council. As an entirely student-run organization, the BKN Student Council is comprised of Master’s and Doctoral student representatives. The representatives are elected from each of the Division’s research laboratories to advocate on behalf of the biokinesiology student body.

The BKN Student Council is a spirited, dynamic and dedicated group of graduate students who are responsible for fostering both intellectual and social interactions among students and between students and faculty.

Kristamarie Pratt is the inaugural President of the BKN Student Council currently enrolled in the biokinesiology PhD program. “The Council has not only created a sense of community among the biokinesiology grad students, but also opened lines of communication between faculty and students working together to improve and create a challenging yet enjoyable learning environment,” Pratt says of the formation of the Council.

The BKN Student Council plays a major role in the planning and implementation of the Division’s new weekly graduate student seminars and “Survival Series” lectures from distinguished faculty and community members.

Most notably, over the last year, the council helped improve awareness of the Division and its research initiatives by increasing student body presence at the convocation and graduation ceremonies. The Division’s research was also showcased in the new annual Jacquelin Perry Research Day held on April 17, 2014

The BKN Student Council also hosts monthly social events for the student body. With the Division’s support, the Council has held bowling night, a hiking excursion and visits to the Natural History Museum.

Beyond socialization and networking, the BKN Student Council represents an opportunity for graduate students to get involved in the Division’s programs. Beginning this spring, the BKN Student Council will lead the Division’s team for the annual Swim with Mike event, which raises scholarship money for physically challenged athletes.

Lindsey Anderson, the council’s president-elect and biokinesiology PhD candidate, has high hopes for the future of the BKN Student Council in 2014 and beyond. “I think the council has great potential to become an influential aspect of Biokinesiology student life. It’s been very rewarding to see the council develop into a well-accepted and appreciated component of our program” Anderson says.

The council remains dedicated to advocating on behalf of the Biokinesiology student body in matters pertaining to program quality development, student-faculty relations, and uniting the student body in its diversity of intellectual, professional and academic pursuits.