Board of Councilors

  • The role of the Board ofCouncilorsis to enhance the quality of education at the Division ofBiokinesiology &Physical Therapy through counsel in thefollowing areas: 
    •  Leadership in fund-raising efforts to meet the Division'sobjectives 
    •  Review and support of the major elements of the strategicplan for the development of the Division 
    •  Key consultation to the Division Chair 
    •  Advice on issues of primary importance to the future ofthe Division's teaching, practice and research missions 

    The Board of Councilors oftheDivision of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy is composed ofprominentmembers of the community representing various facets ofthe physical therapyprofession including clinicians, consumers, andmanufacturers. The board andits chair are appointed by thepresident of the University, upon therecommendation of the chair ofthe Division of Biokinesiology and PhysicalTherapy. The term ofmembership is three years. Criteria for membership on theboardinclude: 

    •  Demonstrated leadership in the physical therapyprofession, or in a related field, and a genuine interest inbiokinesiology and physical therapy education andresearch 
    •  Ability to attend board meetings 
    •  Commitment to promoting the interests of the Division byserving as an advocate in the wider community 
    •  Willingness to participate in fund-raising efforts bysetting an example through a personal or corporate/familyfoundation gift and by assisting in the identification of potentialsources of funds on the Division's behalf 
    •  Members of the Division of Biokinesiology and PhysicalTherapy Board of Councilors are recognized by the University ofSouthern California for leadership in the university's fund-raisingcampaign 

    Members of the Board ofCouncilors

    John Wallace, Jr., PT, MS, OCS,Chairof the Board

    Kate Adamson, Author

    Blaine Behringer, DPT

    Kathleen Bice, MS, PT

    Thomas Eggleton, PT, DPT, MS

    Dennis Gertmenian, MBA

    Linda Givvin, BS, PT

    David Hayes, BS, PT 

    John C. Hisserich, Dr. P.H.

    David Karchem, BA, PMP

    Kaye Kilburn, MD 

     Nancy Krueger, PT, OCS,CHT 

     Covey Lazouras, DPT, NCS,ATP

    James P. Liston, M.Ed., CSCS

    Christie MacDonald-Schaffer, ATC, DPT

    Kristin L. Penney, BS

    Winkie Sonnefield, MA, PT

    Tracy Moritz Sykes, DPT