Teaching Laboratories

  • Anatomy Lab (CHP-G11)

    The Division has a comprehensive anatomical sciences laboratory for its exclusive use. The lab is 2,497 square feet, constructed of quarry tile with generous electrical outlets, stainless steel trough sinks, cabinets and wall shelving. Eight ceiling-mounted handing electrical plugs give ready access for saws or focused lighting.

    The lab equipage includes:

    • 35 stainless steel dissection tables
    • 3 Stryker saws
    • Multiple skeletons

    A small closed circuit video system permits close-up views of dissection demonstrations or replay of cassettes of such dissections (a developing library). This teaching laboratory is equipped with a keypad entrance, as is the main entrance into the Clinical Health Professions building. This effectively provides the students with 24-hour access to the anatomy specimens for study. The faculty can disable the lab keypad when practical exams are being set up.

    Musculoskeletal Disorders (CHP-G4) 

    This 3,851 square foot lab is used for clinical instruction in orthopedics, Electrophysiology, and environmental agents. Unlike Lab A, it is equipped with 10 plinths and 40 hi-lo adjustable orthopedic tables. Equipment for the three courses is stored here in storage closets. The lab has its own closed circuit television systems with monitors around the room so that every student can view details of patient and procedural demonstrations. An attached loft area in Lab B, (460 square feet) houses a small ergonomics facility with dynamometers for assessment of muscles, work testing, and various exercises. Lab B is equipped with a keypad entrance, effectively providing students with 24-hour access.

    Exercise Physiology Lab (CHP-149) 

    This 2,150 square foot lab is used to teach exercise physiology and cardiopulmonary testing and management. The lab is furnished with equipment for pulmonary function testing, body composition, metabolic assessment and work capacity, stress testing, and exercise prescription.

  • Other Division Facilties

    Lecture Classrooms
    Research Laboratories