Lecture Classrooms

  • Lecture Hall (CHP-G15) 

    This is a dedicated classroom, with a built-in riser configuration to facilitate visualization of the teaching area. The lecture hall has a fully integrated computer/video system, which allows faculty to access materials from the local area computer network (including Norris Medical Library), the World Wide Web, and individual discs. A portable microphone is integrated into the system, and all overhead lighting, sound, slide and video projector controls are built into the console. There are 95 chairs with individual tablet arms, 5 for left-handed individuals, in the classroom.

    Sullivan Clinical Skills Technology Center (CHP-157) 

    This newly completed room seats 50 students and is used primarily for the third-year courses, where only half the class participates in each of the Fall and Spring semesters. It contains a fully integrated computer/video system, white boards, slide & overhead projectors. The room contains 50 individual chairs with oversized tablet arms.

    Auditorium (CHP-G37) 

    The auditorium is shared with the Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy. The auditorium will seat 100-125 persons with permanently installed tables equipped with computer and power outlets at each chair. The tiered setting and centrally controlled audio-visual console provide for full access to computer, web, or standard media generated teaching assists.