Integrative Center for Oncology Research in Exercise

About Exercise Oncology

  • Over recent years, exercise has emerged as an important factor to enhance cancer survivorship outcomes, including research being conducted across a broad range of disciplines from all over the world. This increased interest has lead to significant advances in knowledge regarding the efficacy and application of exercise prior to and following a cancer diagnosis.

    The interest in and scope of exercise-oncology research is projected to further increase over time as we continue to move toward patient-centered care. Thus it is increasingly important to drive the field forward to assess the potential benefits exercise may have on a wide range of cancer-related outcomes ranging from physical fitness to quality of life to tumor biology. We utilize a collaborative effort from leading scientists across the world to advance exercise oncology research and its related entities.

    The National Cancer Institute, within the National Institutes of Health, through the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, is focused on improving prognosis and quality of life of cancer patients and survivors through exploring the role of exercise.