Dr. Landel Reprises the Royce P. Noland Award of Merit Address


"A House Divided..."

Dr. Rob Landel, Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy at USC, delivered the Royce P. Noland Award of Merit Address at the CPTA Conference in Pasadena on September 21, 2013.

The award was named after Royce P. Noland, PT, FAPTA, former APTA Executive Director, past California Chapter Coordinating Council Executive Director, and past California Physical Therapy Leader.

The Noland award was established to acknowledge exceptional service and achievement by an individual to the profession of physical therapy.

If you missed the original address at the CPTA Annual Conference, Dr. Landel reprised it to an audience of faculty, staff, and students at USC on October 3. 

The title of his address is "A House Divided..."  Click to watch/hear the reprise…

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